Anatolii Tymoshchuk, a master luthier with over 40 years of experience, has crafted guitars that are renowned for their professionalism and creativity.

His professional story begins in 1981, when he acquired a guitar that didn’t meet his standards, which sparked a desire to enhance it himself. To make his job easier, he took it to a furniture factory to remove the lacquer, but as a result the guitar ended up with half a body. Undeterred, he decided to craft the body himself.

The guitar was sold right away.  It turned out to be a gateway into a lifelong passion and career. One guitar led to another. 

Anatoliy’s fifth guitar holds an iconic place in his collection, as it proudly bears the typo “Mede in Ukraine” beneath its lacquer. It was stolen in 1990 and later found and returned to Anatolii.

Without internet or specific literature, Anatolii’s skills grew through hands-on experience, trial and error, learning from each success and mistake. 

Anatolii’s desire to create and innovate is what truly sets him apart. His guitars are not simply instruments; they are pieces of art, reflecting the personality and precision that go into each one. His craftsmanship continues to inspire, driven by an unyielding desire to make something better each time.

Design Philosophy

Anatolii’s guitar-making process is powered by a philosophy that values elegance, professionalism, and logic. Each guitar embodies this ethos through its smooth transitions, sensible lines, and meticulous detail. Anatolii considers each guitar a unique creation, a piece of art born from his ceaseless desire to innovate and perfect his craft. Handmade guitar crafting for him is far from assembly-line production.


This journey is driven towards creating something better each time.





Anatolii’s love for guitars extends beyond their construction. He was the guitarist for the ensemble “Smerichka,” the last composition of Nazariy Yaremchuk. Later on, he founded “Voyage,” where he led the band as a composer and guitarist from 1996 to 2005.


Ukrainian musician, singer and guitarist Viktor Pavlik, owns ten of Anatolii’s guitars. Their connection goes beyond a mere business relationship, as both share a deep understanding and love for music. Pavlik uses Anatolii’s guitars for studio recordings as well as live performances.

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