Electric five-string bass guitar

Smokey Five is a meticulously crafted 5-string bass to cater to the heavier tones of rock, pop-rock, and metal. This professional instrument delivers a robust and vibrant sound that is equally at home in the recording studio as it is on a live stage.

Smokey Five’s raw aesthetics are enhanced by a matte lacquer finish, showcasing the wood’s natural color and grain. This bass promises straightforward tone adjustments, allowing you to adapt quickly and easily to different sonic landscapes.

Crafted from a fine selection of woods, the walnut’s top deck and the birch’s bottom deck work together to produce a full-bodied and balanced sound. The neck, a sturdy blend of redwood and hard maple, provides enduring stability. An Indian Rosewood fingerboard lends an extra touch of sophistication while ensuring smooth playability.

Smokey Five maintains remarkable tuning precision and perfect intonation with premium Shaller M4 90 tuners and a Schaller 3D-5 bridge. The formidable EMG 40HZ 5-string pickup projects a potent sonic output, ready to take on the most aggressive playing styles.

Additional features include a double-sided truss rod for an optimal neck adjustment, and natural mother-of-pearl fret markers that offer a refined touch. The Smokey Five is not just a bass; it’s a sonic powerhouse that celebrates the luthier’s deep commitment to superior craftsmanship and sound.


  • Top deck: Walnut
  • Back deck: Birch
  • Neck: Redwood and Hard Maple
  • Fretboard: Indian Rosewood


  • Tuners: Shaller M4 90
  • Bridge: Shaller 3D-5
  • Pickups: EMG 40HZ 5 string

Additional features:

  • Double-sided truss rod
  • Fret markers: Natural mother-of-pearl