Five-string bass guitar

The Sergeant Five is a professional 5-string bass guitar that combines originality and versatility in its design and sound. The unique combination of various wood colors on the body and neck accentuates the aesthetic appeal of this instrument.

The Sergeant Five is a feast for the eyes and a treat to the ears, boasting a wide range of tonal capabilities. This allows the guitar to adapt to various music styles, offering impressive flexibility for any musician.

The top deck is crafted from an exquisite blend of poplar and redwood, while the back deck, made from ash, is styled after the sturdy baseball bat design, lending to its robust sound. The neck is made of quilted maple from Canada, known for its beauty and strength. The fretboard, combining Indonesian Rosewood and Canadian quilted maple, offers a smooth playing experience and adds a visual element of depth to the instrument.

Key features include a double-sided truss rod, switches for single or humbucker modes, and active or passive preamp modes. The fretboard is adorned with striking white pearl strip inlays, adding a touch of elegance to its design.

The Sergeant Five employs top-tier Washburn tuners for precise tuning and a Wilkinson Individual Saddle bridge for superior sustain and intonation. The instrument features EMG 40HZ 5-string pickups and an Artec EXP preamp, which includes an expander knob, active/passive switch, and a switch for single or humbucker sound pickup. This grants you extensive control over volume, tone, and sound expansion.


  • Top deck: Poplar and Redwood
  • Back deck: Ash “Baseball Bat”
  • Neck: Quilted Maple (Canada)
  • Fretboard: Indonesian Rosewood + Quilted Maple (Canada)

Additional Features

  • Double-sided truss rod
  • Active or passive preamp switchFretboard Inlays: White pearl strips


  • Tuners: Washburn
  • Bridge: Wilkinson Individual Saddle
  • Pickups: EMG 40HZ 5 string
  • Control: Volume, Volume, Tone.
  • Preamp: Artec EXP, Expander knob, active/passive switch, 
  • Pickup switch – Single/Humbucker