Electric Guitar

The Yellow Stone is a 6-string electric guitar that flawlessly embodies a ‘glassy’ sound. An essential instrument for any professional, it boasts specially screened electronics that significantly minimize noise common to single-coil pickups. This feature makes it an ideal choice for studio recording, promising a clean and crisp sound output.

The body of this guitar is a creative fusion of poplar for the top deck and an ash ‘baseball bat’ style for the back deck. The neck is crafted from Canadian quilted maple, revered for its strength and stunning visuals. The fretboard, made from Purple Heart, offers a unique touch to the guitar’s overall aesthetic, setting it apart in appearance and tone.

In addition to its remarkable aesthetics, the Yellow Stone comes with a double-sided truss rod and attractive white pearl strip inlays on the fretboard. The tuners are made by Wilkinson, featuring pearlescent handles that complement the overall design, and the Wilkinson WVS50 bridge ensures reliable tuning stability and improved sustain.

The Yellow Stone employs Canadian-made Tone Emporium TE-03 pickups for a versatile and authentic tone palette. For enhanced tonal control, the guitar comes with volume, tone, and tone knobs, along with a 5-position pickup switch, enabling you to explore a variety of sound landscapes.


  • Top deck: Poplar
  • Back deck: Ash “Baseball Bat”
  • Neck: Quilted Maple (Canada)
  • Fretboard: Purple Heart

Additional Features

  • Double-sided truss rod
  • Fretboard Inlays: White pearl strips


  • Tuners: Wilkinson with pearlescent handles
  • Bridge: Wilkinson WVS50
  • Pickups: Tone Emporium TE-03 (Canada)
  • Control: Volume, Tone, Tone, 5-position pickup switch